Frequently asked Questions - FAQ

Q. In which areas do you teach?
A: Triumph at Driving School primarily teaches in Sydney’s Hills District (including Parramatta and surrounding areas). However, we do sometimes make exceptions in which case please call to confirm that we cover your area.

Alternatively, you can check our map below to see which suburbs are covered:

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Q. Do you come and pick me up for the Driving Lesson?
A: Yes, we pick up our students primarily from their homes. However some students wish to be picked up elsewhere - this must be arranged 24 hours prior to the scheduled Driving Lesson.

Q. What do I need to bring to the Driving Lesson?
A: Every student must bring their drivers licence and logbook (if applicable).

Q. What will the first Driving Lesson be like?
A: All students will be given the opportunity to drive in their first Driving Lesson! However, a few steps must come first:

  • Firstly students will be asked for their Driver's Licence and logbook (if applicable).
  • A series of questions about their driving experience will follow.
  • Vehicle controls will then be shown.
  • The driving lesson will then be based upon the answers given.

Q. Which payment method is preferred?
A: We only accept cash. Payments must be made during the Driving lesson, unless arranged prior to the Driving Lesson.

Q. Do you have a Cancellation fee?
A: Yes, 24 hours notice is required or 50% of normal fee will be charged.

Q. Does the Driving Test include the RTA booking fee and licence fee?
A: No, our fee does not include the RTA booking and licence fee.

Q. What is the maximum amount of hours that can be booked for a Driving Lesson?
A: 2 hours is the maximum amount for a Driving Lesson. A rest is required every 2 hours.

Q. What is meant by a 'Dual Controlled' vehicle?
A: In this instance a Dual Controlled vehicle is when the front passenger side has an addition brake pedal for safety purposes.

For any additional questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Details on our Contact Us page.