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At Triumph at Driving School we provide professional, friendly, relaxed and informative Driving Lessons. We ensure that our students become confident in their own driving abilities, As well as knowing and being aware of the current NSW road rules.

With over 9 years of experience Triumph at Driving School is run and operated by Ana Campos, who is a qualified by the RTA (NSW) as a Driving Instructor (Class C). Ana is also a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (ADTA) and holds a Certificate for Self Employed People in child-related employment - For more information please check our "Useful Links" section on the right hand side.

Primarily servicing Sydney’s Hills District, Triumph at Driving School provides driving lessons in an automatic dual-controlled vehicle that is regularly serviced to ensure students safety. We also provide students with Refresher Lessons, Test preparation Lessons and Driving Tests (RTA Driving Test and 1 Hour Driving Lesson). – For more information please visit our Services page.

In order to contact us please visit our Contact Us page. – where our details are listed and a Contact Form is available.